After fifteen years of cleaning windows for other firms, Matt Johnson founded Blue Sky as a sole proprietorship in 1997.  Since then, the company has evolved from a single man with a bucket, a ladder, and a truck, to a firm with a fully equipped crew that routinely handles the biggest jobs in the St. Louis area.

In 2001, Blue Sky became a Type S Corporation with Monica Galindo-Johnson becoming President and majority owner.  She is responsible for administrative duties and executive decisions. Additionally, Monica is also happy to communicate in Spanish if that is more comfortable for you!

Matt Johnson is Vice President in charge of operations, sales, and marketing.  Because he has been cleaning windows for thirty years, he has a vast knowledge of the trade, particularly in the St. Louis market.  It is easier to name the buildings that he hasn’t done than the ones he has!

Because Matt handpicked the personnel of Blue Sky, they are all veterans who worked with Matt at various other firms.  In some cases they were trained by him decades ago.  They have been with the company for many years now, and Blue Sky suffers virtually no turnover.  They are with Blue Sky because they are the best in their field.


Not only does Blue Sky expects their employees to do a great job, we also expect them to do it safely.  Blue Sky is a member of the International Window Cleaners Association.  The senior officers attend the convention every year, participate in the safety seminars, and then train the employees in the latest safety techniques.  All OSHA regulations are strictly adhered to, and safety meetings are held monthly.  Blue Sky has never been cited by OSHA. Additionally, there has never been a serious injury on our job sites.  We do not cut corners at the expense of safety or quality.  We may not be the cheapest, but we are the safest and the best. You get what you pay for, and in our case, it’s top quality service and outstanding results.

Blue Sky spares no expense in providing their workers with the latest in new technology.  As a result, equipment is regularly inspected for wear or damage, and is frequently replaced.  Since window cleaning is a difficult and dangerous business, our lives depend on how well we maintain the tools of our trade.

High rise window cleaning is a skill, much like an electrician or crane operator.  An unqualified worker can cause damage to your building or cause serious injury, even death.  Therefore, properly trained, equipped, experienced personnel help eliminate your exposure to risk.  We are proud of our safety record, and we hope it is a factor when customers decide on whom to go with.


Blue Sky Window Cleaning Matt Johnson

Matt & Monica Johnson


Blue Sky Window Cleaning Team