Depending what each situation calls for,
Blue Sky Window Cleaning uses a variety of equipment:

  • Rappelling Gear
  • Stage Scaffolds
  • Man Lifts
  • Water Fed Poles

High Rise window cleaning poses a real threat of danger and difficulty if done improperly. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous occupations. Especially if your building has four stories or more, you need a company with the right trained, properly equipped personnel to do the job. Fortunately, we specialize in high rise window cleaning in addition to residential and low rise commercial. Furthermore, our safety record speaks for itself. Some of our men have more than two decades of experience, so they are seasoned professionals when it comes to high rise windows. Additionally, they are capable of operating various types of lift equipment and know how to do so safely. Due to the nature of the different designs and heights of buildings, a broad range of equipment and techniques is necessary to overcome the problems and challenges unique to each structure.

Rappelling gear

Because we can use it at up to 300 feet, we use rappelling gear as our primary method in accessing access high rise windows. The workers go to the roof of the building, attach ropes to beams and weights, and then rappel down the side of the buildings to clean the windows.

Stage scaffolds

Stage scaffolds are powered platforms that go up or down the sides of buildings. Because of their flexibility, we usually employ them on structures with extended overhangs inaccessible by rappelling.

Man Lifts

Man lifts are turreted, wheeled vehicles with an arm and basket where the worker stays. They weigh up to twenty tons and can reach heights of one hundred twenty feet. Because of this, we use them mainly on free standing structures such as bridges and walkways.

Water Fed Poles

Water fed poles are fifty foot poles with brushes attached at the top. A hose attaches to the brush and pure, filtered water flows onto the glass to clean and rinse off the dirt.

Blue Sky Window Cleaning trains our personnel well in safety practices. Because we are long-standing members of the International Window Cleaners Association, we often attend seminars and training through it. Blue Sky Window Cleaning has handled some of the most difficult projects the St. Louis area has to offer. We are not the cheapest window cleaning company; however, we do a thorough, safe, high-quality job. Because safety is our first priority, we work hard to reduce your risk of exposure to injuries, death, and damage to your buildings. Like most things in business, you get what you pay for, and we hope that is a consideration when you choose your window cleaning company.

International Window Cleaners Association