If you want your house to look cleaner, more beautiful, and prevent permanent stains, then window cleaning is a must. If you are selling your house, nothing enhances curb appeal more than washing the windows and pressure washing the gutters and siding. As a result, the property will sell quickly and increase the value.

After thirty years in the window cleaning business, and eighteen years of operating our own firm, the personnel at Blue Sky have serviced thousands of homes in the St. Louis area. Since we’ve been in the business for so long, there is nothing we haven’t seen or cleaned. Everything from storm windows, leaded glass, decorative glass, or just plain thermal pane windows, we have done it all at one time or another!

Window cleaning

At Blue Sky, we do more than clean windows for residential properties. In addition to window cleaning, we offer a variety of related services. Gutters also need to be cleared so as to allow for free flow of rain runoff, otherwise hydrostatic pressure on your foundation could cause your basement to leak. However simple it may seem, gutter cleaning is a surprisingly dangerous household chore that results in a large number of accidents and injuries each year. So to give yourself some peace of mind, hire a professional to do it. Our expertise and professional equipment will get the job done in no time!

Gutter cleaning

Pressure washing is the fastest growing service we offer. Due to the effects of global warming, mold commonly grows on the siding of many St. Louis area homes. Mold is difficult to remove, but it can be unhealthy, unsightly, and if not removed in a timely fashion, could stain and ruin your siding. Our specially blended cleaning agents not only kill the mold and make the house look brand new; it also inhibits growth and prevents the mold and moss from coming back for up to two years!

Before & After Our Pressure Washing

Pressure washing before and after

You may not even have realized chandelier cleaning is a professional service for which you can hire an expert. But high vaulted ceilings pose challenges of their own, and we are happy to use our skills to help! Because of this, we now provide chandelier cleaning services to St. Louis area residents. A bold light fixture might be the first thing people see when entering your home, and sparkling crystal will leave them with a favorable impression.

Chandelier cleaning

Our expertise on window cleaning applies to mirrors as well. Mirrors are made from glass, just like windows, so we are the natural choice to clean them as well. We know how to get a shiny, clean finish on any reflective surfaces you need polished up! Do you have mirrors in hard to reach areas, or just an overwhelming amount of mirrors in your home? Blue Sky would be happy to tackle that mirror cleaning project for you. Contact us today for an instant quote!

Mirror cleaning

At Blue Sky, we take our experience and professional equipment for our power washing services as well. Do you have a vinyl or composite fence or deck in need of a good cleaning? Power washing any surface will bring out its original beauty and make it like new again. Our power washing services are perfect for those who are selling their homes and need to make everything look new and fresh! Contact us today for an instant quote on any of our services.

Power washing

With your overwhelming work load, there is simply no time to do all the household chores that come with home ownership.  The person who tries to do everything winds up getting nothing done.

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